Love Lodi Recap: Keeping our Garden Space Clean

Greetings, folks! Our nonprofit was a participant in Love Lodi for the third consecutive year, with community members gathering to clear weeds from our Heritage District Community Garden on the corner of Main & Elm streets.

Love Lodi is a great community event, where community leaders and volunteers gather for a day of service. We’re big fans! You can learn more about Love Lodi at their website.

Despite a strong effort, we had some weeds leftover after several hours of work. Therefore, we’ll have another cleanup event later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you for helping create a Greener Lodi.

Greening Lodi Cleanup THIS SATURDAY – Love Lodi Project

Hi Lodi Green Thumbs we’re back!

In truth, we never left. Lodi News-Sentinel readers will know we helped students at Joe Serna Charter School in East Lodi (Heritage District) build some planter boxes last year. But our P.R. department has been a little lacking! Probably because we don’t have a P.R. person.

We are as grassroots as a nonprofit can be (no pun intended); we have only 3 board members, who all have full-time jobs. We remain dedicated to our mission; we’re just too busy to promote ourselves!

We have a new project this Saturday, April 13, as part of the annual Love Lodi day of volunteering. We’ll be clearing weeds from our pollinator garden at the corner of Main & Elm streets (104 E. Elm Street, Lodi, CA 95240).

Later this spring, San Joaquin 4-H will use our garden for a seeding demonstration, and provide us with some needed flowers!

You can find out more about the project here.

We hope to see you Saturday!

Thanks for helping us see some ‘green’!

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook, we held our kayak raffle and the lucky winner was John Smith! He was one of our online raffle ticket purchasers, and he won the brand new Emotion Kayak, complete with life jacket and paddle courtesy of Dan Arbuckle of the Headwaters Kayak Shop.

Dan Arbuckle (left) congratulates raffle winner John Smith

And if you need a new outdoor hobby, go see Dan and become a kayaker! That shop has everything you could ever need for a lake expedition. Dan has been a big supporter of Greening Lodi, and we thank him.

But most of all thank YOU! We sold more than 500 raffle tickets, and that money will be going right back into the community. Our board members are all volunteers, and every dollar we raise is used to help support our mission. We couldn’t do it without help from members of the community.

Check our Facebook page for the latest updates, and let’s keep beautifying Lodi – together.

Visit us downtown Saturday and buy your raffle tickets!

This kayak could be yours for just $5!

Have you bought your raffle tickets yet? If you don’t want to use PayPal, come buy them in person this Saturday! Our board president and resident Master Gardener, Curt Juran, will be at the plaza on the corner of School and Oak Streets from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., right outside the Lodi Post Office. He’ll have the kayak on display, as well as information on our non-profit and gardening in general. Please come bother him!

There’s still plenty of time to buy: Our raffle will be held at 11 a.m. on August 1 at the Headwaters Kayak Shop, 847 N Cluff Ave in Lodi.

Greening Lodi is a 501©(3) non-profit registered with the State of California, so all raffle ticket purchases are tax deductible!

Our fundraising raffle is almost as hot as the weather!

Thanks to Dan Arbuckle of the Headwaters Kayak Shop (and his massive social media following), we had a very good first weekend for our raffle. So far, we’ve sold more than 100 tickets – a big thanks to everyone who has contributed.

But we’re not done! There’s still three weeks until the raffle, which means there’s still time to enter. Can you spare $20 for a great cause? How about $5?

After personally carrying the kayak in 108 degrees on Saturday, allow me to tell you: it’s pretty sweet. The green looks great, there’s a tackle box compartment and it’s quite sturdy. So sturdy, in fact, that I would almost be willing to use it! (I’m a chicken).

It can be yours for a small $5 donation to the best new non-profit in Lodi. Feeling lucky??? Buy your raffle tickets now:


We’re having a raffle!

Have you been dying to support Lodi’s best new non-profit, but don’t have the time? Well, now here’s the perfect opportunity!

We’re raffling off a kayak, and it’s a real beaut. The kayak comes courtesy of a generous donation from Dan Arbuckle of The Headwaters Kayak Shop. Our Main & Elm garden site has been a success, and now we want to plant another garden; you can help us do that by supporting our raffle.

So check this thing out: The Stealth™ 10 Angler Kayak is 10-feet long, and perfect for experienced kayakers or beginners. You can use it to cruise the waters of Lake Tahoe, or take it on a fishing expedition – it accommodates a tackle box!

The kayak has a lime/green color scheme and retails for $569.00. But if you’re lucky, it can be yours for $5!

Raffle tickets are now available for $5 a piece, or receive 5 tickets for $20. The drawing will be August 1.

If you’d like to buy tickets, please contact us via Facebook or You can also buy tickets via PayPal here – we’ll have a record of your purchase and can deliver/mail tickets to you:

Things are Looking Pretty Green

We hope you’ve been enjoying the nice weather; it’s certainly been great for our garden. Little wildflowers have sprung up all over the place!

Our mural is also getting close to completion, thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Artist Jose Gomez’ vision is becoming a reality, and we’re thrilled to be working alongside the Lodi GRIP program. But we’re not done!

If you can spare some time to help clear weeds or paint our mural, we’d love to have you. You can email us at or connect with us on Facebook (we check our messages).

When we ask for volunteers on this project, we often hear some similar responses:

“I don’t know anything about gardening”

Most of us don’t either! But our president, Curt Juran, knows a lot about gardening. Just ask him – he’ll tell you all about it.

You don’t need any gardening knowledge. Just a willingness to help and be part of the community.

“I’m not artistic and I can’t paint”

No worries! Even if you’ve only done finger painting, you can still handle this. Trust us – we’ve had plenty of inexperienced painters lending a hand. Besides, that’s why Jose is here: to fix things!

The only requirement we have is a desire to make Lodi a better place. If that sounds like you, then watch this space. We’ll announce new events and clean-up days as they come up.

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without the great residents of Lodi.

A day full of ‘Love’

Love Lodi brought out hundreds of volunteers across the city on Saturday, and some folks were kind enough to spend a little time at our Main & Elm garden. We had a rotating group of volunteers throughout the morning and afternoon, helping us pull weeds, plant flowers, and begin the process of painting our mural.

GRIP Youth Art leader Jose Gomez gave out directions as the volunteers helped turn his vision into a reality. Former GRIP members, Lodi High School students and Lodi Police Chief Tod Patterson were among the happy painters.

We received several donations for Love Lodi, and we’d like to thank all our sponsors. They include: the Lodi Lowe’s store (and manager Matt Swift), Essential Plumbing, C&S Enterprises, Arvind Chand and Busy Bee Laundry, and a special anonymous donor. I’ll let Greening Lodi president Curt Juran explain:

And finally, a big thank you to every volunteer! We couldn’t do this without you.

Jose will be back out at the garden site on Sunday, May 7, to continue painting. Come see how we’re doing – you can even help us paint!

Stay tuned – we’re just getting started.

Alley Clean-up for Earth Day – Saturday, April 22

While we wait for our first batch of flowers to grow at Main & Elm, how about helping your neighbors out for a couple of hours?

This Earth Day (Sat, April 22), the Heritage School Earthkeepers and Greening Lodi will be teaming up for a clean-up day. We’ll be cleaning up the alley behind Heritage School (between Garfield and Cherokee), from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And if we have enough volunteers, we can branch out to other alleys, too.

If you can spare the time, we’d love to have you. You can bring gloves, shovels, brooms or rakes, or nothing at all – we’ll have extra gear! All we need are the volunteers.

Hope to see you Saturday!

You can download our English flyer here: EarthKeepers-Alley.