Things are Looking Pretty Green

We hope you’ve been enjoying the nice weather; it’s certainly been great for our garden. Little wildflowers have sprung up all over the place!

Our mural is also getting close to completion, thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Artist Jose Gomez’ vision is becoming a reality, and we’re thrilled to be working alongside the Lodi GRIP program. But we’re not done!

If you can spare some time to help clear weeds or paint our mural, we’d love to have you. You can email us at or connect with us on Facebook (we check our messages).

When we ask for volunteers on this project, we often hear some similar responses:

“I don’t know anything about gardening”

Most of us don’t either! But our president, Curt Juran, knows a lot about gardening. Just ask him – he’ll tell you all about it.

You don’t need any gardening knowledge. Just a willingness to help and be part of the community.

“I’m not artistic and I can’t paint”

No worries! Even if you’ve only done finger painting, you can still handle this. Trust us – we’ve had plenty of inexperienced painters lending a hand. Besides, that’s why Jose is here: to fix things!

The only requirement we have is a desire to make Lodi a better place. If that sounds like you, then watch this space. We’ll announce new events and clean-up days as they come up.

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without the great residents of Lodi.