Our fundraising raffle is almost as hot as the weather!

Thanks to Dan Arbuckle of the Headwaters Kayak Shop (and his massive social media following), we had a very good first weekend for our raffle. So far, we’ve sold more than 100 tickets – a big thanks to everyone who has contributed.

But we’re not done! There’s still three weeks until the raffle, which means there’s still time to enter. Can you spare $20 for a great cause? How about $5?

After personally carrying the kayak in 108 degrees on Saturday, allow me to tell you: it’s pretty sweet. The green looks great, there’s a tackle box compartment and it’s quite sturdy. So sturdy, in fact, that I would almost be willing to use it! (I’m a chicken).

It can be yours for a small $5 donation to the best new non-profit in Lodi. Feeling lucky??? Buy your raffle tickets now:


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